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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

♥🏑 Garden of Friends 🏑♥

This kit celebrates the joy of friendship 
The miles stretch out between us
and I miss our times together.
But friendship like ours is strong
and miles make no difference.
So know I think of you often
and hope you are doing well.
You’ll always be a friend of mine
and always be in my heart. 

This digital scrapbooking kit includes 20 papers (patterned and solid) and 70 elements, including: 
4 Bees
1 Blossomtree
3 Bows
3 Boys (Included in 3 hair and skin tones)
3 Branch
2 Bunny
4 Butterflys
1 Clippers
2 Fences
3 Flatribbons
10 Flowers
3 Girls (Included in 3 hair and skin tones)
2 Gnome
1 Hoe
1 Lamp
4 Leaves
1 Mower
2 Pinebough
1 Rake
1 Package Seed and Soil
1 Shovel
1 Shroomhouse
1 Springsong
2 Swing
2 Swirls
1 Trowel
1 Watering Can
1 Well


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